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5 Keys to Thrive at Bethel Church

Bethel’s heart is to be a strength to every person and leader in the church sphere and the other spheres of society. We not only love our Redding Bethel family but we also love our non-Redding Bethel family around the globe...
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5 Keys for Creating and Leading an Empowering Culture in ...

Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders, Need some care and encouragement today? We thought so! Here are a few tips from our very own Steve Backlund about how to lead well and cultivate Kingdom culture in your congregation. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Keys for Creating and Leading an Empowering Culture in Your Ministry 1. I lead a culture of radical encouragement. I lead the way in encouraging others. I do so by giving specific thanks regularly to people. Our leadership spends time encouraging and prophesying over each other. I even find ways to encourage people with “issues,” because I know everyone’s negative qualities are ...
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Bethel Leaders Network: A Word from Kris Vallotton

As of this month, Global Legacy has seen nearly 250 leaders join the Bethel Leaders Network  since its January 2018 launch, and the number keeps climbing. We are so encouraged by how our current members continue to experience family and belonging! Listen to what Kelley and Joey, pastors of Kingdom Life Church in San Antonio, Texas have to say: “There’s just a deeper level of intimacy from church leaders around the world and around the country that we can draw from. We would recommend BLN to other leaders, because it’s powerful to know we’re part of a network that we ...
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What if Declarations are not Working for Me?

Do you need breakthrough in your declarations? My wife Wendy and I have been transformed by making declarations  (faith statements about God’s promises for our lives). Much of what we are experiencing today is because of what we said 20 years ago. We spoke things higher than what we experiencing, and it changed our experience. Even though we have gotten great breakthrough through declarations, there are still some areas where our experience has yet to catch up with our proclamations. It would appear that they are not working. I know we are not the only ones with this experience, as I ...
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Bethel Leaders Network: New Milestones

We are thrilled to announce to our Global Legacy family that more than 100 senior leaders of churched and ministry organizations  have joined the Bethel Leaders Network since January 2018, and the number continues to rise. We are greatly encouraged by how our current members continue to experience family and belonging! Watch this short video to find out why they love being part of BLN: A LETTER FROM BILL JOHNSON ABOUT BETHEL LEADERS NETWORK Years ago Randy Clark and I were spending some time together, catching up on recent events in our lives. He shared an unusual word of correction ...
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Your Testimony is Powerful

Your Testimony is a weapon. Testimonies are not meant to be like cans of Coca Cola. They are not given to us so we can have a little energy pick up and then just throw them away and forget about them. Rather, testimonies are precious weapons given to us by God to extend His kingdom on earth. A few weeks ago I interviewed Sheri Downs, a BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) first year revival group pastor who received a miraculous healing. For 12 years she’d dealt with 80% bone on bone in her left knee, which caused constant swelling ...
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