I have had the privilege of working in the Global Legacy (GL) department at Bethel Church since 2008. I came to Redding after being a senior pastor for seventeen years. In those years of church leadership, I sought to implement the culture I learned from Bill Johnson in the churches I led. I was excited to join the team then to contribute to this experience, but I really didn’t know what to expect. Now, after nearly ten years, I have been reflecting on my time in GL and want to share with you five things I love about Global Legacy.

I Love Global Legacy’s History – Since the early 2000’s I have been involved in meetings to create and advance GL. It has been fascinating to strategizes with Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Paul Manwaring and others concerning how to build a life-giving wineskin for leaders, organizations and ministries that is not “denominational” in its approach.

I Love Those Who Have Worked for Global Legacy Through the Years – One of my biggest heroes is Paul Manwaring. I so enjoyed working with him from 2008 to 2016. He and his wife Sue built a structure for GL, fathered and mothered many, and have become incredibly powerful influencers through the years. Besides the Manwarings, many others have worked, volunteered, or interned for GL. I have been so enriched by these relationships and have so enjoyed coming to work.

I Love the Impact of LDP (Leader Development Program) – We are finishing our ninth year of LDP1, and our eighth of LDP2. I remember developing these with Paul Manwaring “on the fly” with the Lord giving us the content sometimes weeks before we had to release it. It has been a great journey. Over 10,000 people have participated in LDP1 alone. It has radically impacted lives and created a distinct family of people who have gone through the program. In the days ahead, our online learning program will be upgraded to more user-friendly courses, but the spirit of LDP will still live on through them.

I Love the New Season GL is In – Dave & Taff Harvey, our new GL directors, have brought a fresh energy and perspective to our team. They were given a BIG assignment earlier this year to create a place where leaders can officially “belong” to Bethel through Global Legacy. It has been an intense season of developing and planning, and I have been so impressed by how Dave and Taff have led us. In addition to the Harveys, we have added Michael Brodeur, Deborah Coombs, and Darleen Edskerud to our GL executive committee. We’ve got a very strong team leading us into this new chapter of Global Legacy.

I Love Connecting with Global Legacy Leaders From Around the World – There would not be a Global Legacy without committed leaders who don’t live in Redding. I have especially been blessed by attending GL regional gatherings because they have built the relationships needed for GL to be strong.. They have been hosted by some of the finest men and women I know. We are so thankful for those who have helped us connect, equip, and encourage kingdom-minded leaders. Our heart is for Global Legacy to be a family, not just an organization; and so many of you have and are making that happen.

I am so thankful. I know we need to keep growing and adjusting to being what God wants us to be, and we are committed to doing that. Even so, I am convinced that Global Legacy is one of the most important movements on the planet today, and I am more excited than ever about where we are at and where we are headed.

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