We are thrilled to announce to our Global Legacy family that more than 100 senior leaders of churched and ministry organizations  have joined the Bethel Leaders Network since January 2018, and the number continues to rise. We are greatly encouraged by how our current members continue to experience family and belonging! Watch this short video to find out why they love being part of BLN:


Years ago Randy Clark and I were spending some time together, catching up on recent events in our lives. He shared an unusual word of correction he had received from Heidi Baker in the middle of a powerful prayer meeting. (She is not known for this kind of word.) It was very specific, cutting to the heart in a very profound way. The word basically addressed the fact that he avoided the responsibilities of being a spiritual father. When he shared that word with me, I came under the same conviction, as though Heidi had aimed that word directly at me. I was guilty of the same thing. I repented on the spot and have been attempting to return to God’s purpose and design ever since. It is in our hearts to learn how to father a generation of revivalists who are coming alive under our teaching.

God has recently refreshed this mandate to our Bethel family, speaking through Kris Vallotton for us to create an opportunity for leaders to belong. We believe we’re in the midst of the greatest revival in history and that the vehicle that will carry revival further is family.

It is with much anticipation that I write to you to announce the Bethel Leaders Net- work (BLN). The Bethel Leaders Network will aim to provide a place for leaders from every sphere of society to belong to the Bethel family and be empowered to bring heaven where God has uniquely placed them.

Our desire has never been to build a big organization; rather we are convinced that we are called to build big people. BLN will be a place where global mothers and fathers can be at home and be released to raise up the next generation of mothers and fathers to take the kingdom further.

You have been designed as a resting place for the Spirit of God. You were created to change every environment that you walk into. If you have come alive to this drumbeat of heaven, I want to invite you to consider joining us at Bethel Leaders Network.

Massive blessings!

Bill Johnson


We love dreaming with God and anticipate wonderful things to come as we continue to build family and revival through the Bethel Leaders Network. The deadline to submit spring applications is May 1, 2018. We invite you to join us by applying here.

Bless you abundantly,

Global Legacy Team


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