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Welcome to the Global Legacy Blog

It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you to the NEW Global Legacy blog! Our team has been dreaming about this for months and we are incredibly excited to see it take off.

Our dream for this blog is to help connect you to revival—the personal, regional, and global expansion of God’s Kingdom—from our global Bethel family so that you feel encouraged and empowered to transform your world! You will receive highlights from our Bethel fathers and mothers as well as from various up and coming voices within the Bethel community. You also can expect to hear testimonies from around the world and receive revelation for how to do family, church and life well. We want this blog to highlight what God is doing in your world too, so please send us your testimonies! We believe in the power of testimony, and sharing them supernaturally empowers them to happen again to others.

Finally, we leave you with an encouraging word from DL Moody, quoted by Eric Johnson a few days ago at Bethel’s Fall Leaders Advance: “We pray that the Holy Spirit’s fire falls on you this year and that He leads you into triumph!”

We love you heaps!

Dave & Taff Harvey

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